Our Work

Our work is a cycle. Enter anywhere, engage anywhere that speaks to you. At the center, and part of every endeavor is the purpose that binds us: thriving in the community.

SIREN In The Community

  • Led engagement with the city of Spartanburg concerning its racist past. Supported the council resolution apologizing to Black residents for the city’s role in past racist policies and programs.

  • Led engagement concerning the redevelopment of the former Mary H. Wright school, one of the city’s iconic Black properties.

  • Actively engaged in voter registration and turnout in minority precincts for the November 2020 election. Recruited poll workers ahead of the election.

  • Ongoing engagement and advocacy with city officials concerning gentrification, including ways to define, measure, and prevent it.

  • Advocated for the repeal of restrictions on DACA students in South Carolina.

  • Working with a broad coalition, advocated for the passage of the federal John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the For The People Act.

  • Ongoing advocacy for a fair and just outcome to redistricting on the local and state level.


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